Chicken and Mango Skewer

Chicken and Mango Skewer

I have been procrastinating on making this particular dish and I even tweeted about the usefulness of procrastination and people loved the tweet. “I am not a procrastinator. I wait the last second to do my work because I will be older and therefore wiser.” In this case, it is safe to say i was definitely wiser. I was going to present this dish the regular boring way on a bed of lettuce but I opted for a gourd. If you have several gourds at home and you are hosting a party this Easter, you should definitely have your waiters use them to pass out skewers during appetizer time at your party. Makes for a dramatic effect I think.


1/4 pound of Skinless Chicken Breast

2 medium sized Mangos (Or canned mango slices)

1.5 Table spoon Suya Pepper mix

1 Maggi cube

1 tablespoon Dry pepper (Chili flakes)

1 cooking spoon of vegetable oil


Chop chicken breast into cubes and place on sticks

Set fire to your grill or oven

Place the chicken breast on the grill to heat up a little

Mix all your seasoning in a bowl with your vegetable oil.

grilled chicken mix

With a brush, smear the mix on the chicken breast on both sides.

rubbing seasoning on grilled chicken

Flip occasionally as it browns till its cooked. (Usually when the chicken is not pink)

I would advice you stack your mangoes after the chicken is done but if your mangoes are firm, you can grill them as well. There is a high chance that the canned mangoes wont be firm.

Serve on its own as an appetizer or with Savoury rice 🙂

Chicken and mango skewers

P.S: I did not put salt in this recipe as the Suya pepper and Maggi had enough seasoning for me. If you feel its not salty enough, feel free to add some to your mix. 

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