Buttered Plantain Fries and Seasoned Avocado

Buttered Plantain Fries and Seasoned Avocado

Plantain fries prepared in butter is the best thing you can try this week. Have you ever tried to make bole at home and smear butter over it? ohh la la. When the butter caramelizes on the plantain whoosh, It’s almost like toffee. It actually inspired a dessert I made a while ago called Plantain Toffee Balls. Ever since then, I have not looked back when frying my plantain. I did a bit of shallow frying on low heat so that the butter didn’t brown too much. I also added a little bit of oil to it so that the butter doesn’t over caramelize before the plantain is cooked. 

This combination just speaks to the ingredients I am in love with. If you hate plantain or avocado, you can look away but this combination is such a nice appetizer to serve guests. I mean when you have people coming over, you want to sound fancy. Amongst the other appetizers I have posted, you can add this to your list. Your Nigerian friends would probably say ah ah all these oyibo foods you are bringing na wa o. Ok maybe they wouldn’t say that. I know my friends will. You can do more with your avocado by adding seasoned and cooked shrimp chopped up or even shredded chicken or beef. I decided to go very simple with mine in case I have any Nigerian Vegetarians following me.  Enjoy this simple appetizer.

Recipe for Buttered Plantain Fries and Seasoned Avocado


1 finger of plantain

1/2 cup of melted butter

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1 Avocado

1/2 chicken seasoning cube (vegetarians use salt)

A handful of chopped chili pepper

1 clove of garlic chopped

A handful of chopped Onions to garnish


Peel and Slice your plantain into thin stripes and set aside.

In a pan, pour in your butter and oil and heat slowly.

Toss in your plantain and allow to brown on all sides.

Mash your avocado, season with the chicken cube and stir in your chopped pepper, garlic and onion.

Serve as a starter.

melt butter

fry plantain in butter

mash avocado

buttered plantain fries and seasoned avocado

plantain fries and avocado

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