Beef Stew with Pumpkin

This hearty beef stew cooks low and slow on the stove with pumpkin (or butternut/acorn squash) added when the beef is tender. Serve with crusty bread to soak up every last drop!

Beef Stew with Pumpkin
Beef Stew with Pumpkin

When the temperature starts to drop, I love to warm up with a comforting bowl of stew. Therefore, this Beef Stew with Pumpkin hits the spot! It’s made with chunks of beef brown with onions and garlic and then cook on low in a mixture of broth and red wine until tender. The stew is flavored with oregano, thyme, and bay leaf, and fresh pumpkin or winter squash is added halfway through. For some different beef stew recipes, try this Beef and Kabocha Squash Stew and Carne Guisada (Latin Beef Stew).


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